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Long Term Service Agreement

HYTORC offers a flexible and expandable Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) to fit the varying needs and requirements for every customer. The HYTORC LTSA contracts are tailored to meet each customers requirements, adapting to changing market conditions while providing the best valued service over the equipments life span. The HYTORC LTSA program can include one or more of the following value programs:
  1. Quarterly, Semi, or Annual Calibrations
  2. Quarterly, Semi, or Annual Preventative Maintenance
  3. Extended Warranty
  4. Financing (Lease or Finance Option)
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  • Warranty - The equipment carries an end-to-end warranty including free calibrations as well as parts and labor for all repairs.
  • Preventative Maintenance - TorcSafe Preventative Maintenance is included with the lease providing free site visits by our mobile service vehicle, inventory management, equipment inspection and safety/operational trainings.
  • Local Backup Tooling – HYTORC will dedicate backup tools in case of any equipment failure/repairs.
  • Customer Support – 24/7/365 Support from dedicated account representative.
  • Online Tooling Management – Access to HYTORC's tooling management program to have better visibility on calibrations and repair work.


  • Cost Reductions - Significantly reduced costs on tooling ownership (50%+ per year)
  • Cost Control – predictable and budgetable yearly maintenance costs.
  • Reliability - Assurance that tooling is always in working, safe order.
  • Financial Flexibility - Flexible Payment plans available over course of leasing period.
  • Technology - Availability of the latest and safest bolting technology.
  • Tax Implications - Ability to eliminate taxes associated with typical tooling depreciation.
electric impact wrench rental


From individual tools to customized bolting systems, HYTORC has the largest stock of rental equipment in the industry, available worldwide.
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