Hydraulic Torque Tool

The AVANTI Bolting System offers the widest range of torque output with a maximum output of more than 130,000 ft-lbs in the largest model. With tens of thousands in use around the world, the AVANTI is the industry’s trusted solution for next-generation bolting.

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Torque Range:

Reaction Drive

torque angle wrench
The AVANTI features a patented industry-first reaction drive that eliminates the destructive twisting force that occurs in other torque wrenches that have a back-end reaction arm. (*Also found on ICE series)

Torque & Angle Dial

hydraulic wrench
With a simple add-on, the AVANTI system is capable of providing a clear angle reading for bolting methods that incorporate turn of the nut.

Multi-Use System

large torque wrenches
The AVANTI works with all HYTORC bolting systems including tensioning with the HYTORC Nut and the revolutionary new HYTORC Washer for added safety, speed and accuracy on any job.


Avanti Legacy Models

hydraulic wrench
torque angle wrench
hydraulic wrench
torque angle wrench
hydraulic torque multiplier

Backup Wrenches

Interchangeable spanners from 1-7/16" to 3 1/8".