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industrial bolting technologies
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Hydraulic Torque Wrench

  • 2-Year Warranty
    • This warranty provides peace of mind protection and offers a no-deductible plan to protect you from unexpected repair costs and downtime.
  • Award-Winning
    • The MXT+ won the prestigious Spotlight on New Technology Award at the 2022 Offshore Technology Conference.
  • 3 Configurations
    • The MXT+ is the only tool that offers Rear Reaction, Side Reaction, and Reaction-arm-free configurations.
  • Quality
    • Designed with aircraft-grade aluminum, the MXT+ can handle more than 5,000 duty cycles at max torque.
  • Cycle-counter
    • The MXT+ embedded cycle counter helps maintain peak performance for accurate and repeatable bolting results.
  • Auto-Release
    • The integrated auto-release feature makes it so the operator doesn't have to flip a lever to un-lock the tool from the application.

Auto Release

The MXT+ Wrench has an integrated auto release feature so you don’t have to flip a lever to unlock the tool from the application.

Three Tools In One

Reaction fixtures for every application: ALCO Arm, Rear Reaction Arm, Coaxial Reaction Arm, Rotatable Reaction Arm, Extension Reaction Fixture.


The Offshore Technology Conference has recognized our MXT+ Hydraulic tool as a technology leading the industry into the future.

MXT+ Accessories

Alco Arm
Track Pad Fixture
HYTORC Washer Driver
Coaxial Reaction Arm
Rear Reaction Arm
HYTORC Nut Driver


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