The Simultorc™ bolting process utilizes multiple HYTORC tools simultaneously on your bolting application. With reduced time during assembly and disassembly, Simultorc allows for fewer passes to complete the job, making the bolt load on the flange face even and accurate.
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Parallel Joint Closure

To ensure overall joint reliability, parallel joint closure and eliminate the possibility of leaks, the logical system for any flanged joint is our Simultorc system. The Simultorc system utilizes multiple HYTORC machines simultaneously on your flanged connections.
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Best Practices

ASME PCC-1-2013 (Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly) The use of the Simultorc™ type of bolting system is recognized by ASME as the preferred method for flanged joint assembly.

ASME PCC-1-2013 (page 33) states: “The simultaneous use of multiple tools spaced evenly around a flange has been shown to give equal or even superior tightening parity, and parallel closure, in less time than using a single tool in a cross-pattern.”
high pressure steam leak
gasket leaks


Simultorc can be used in conjunction with any of our in-line reaction fixtures.
Simultorc works especially well with the HYTORC Nut, HYTORC Washer and Smart Stud fasteners which are all integral components of our total Stretch-to-Load bolting philosophy.


With 50 years of experience dedicated to industrial bolting, we have solved almost every bolting challenge imaginable. Let our engineering team show you the possibilities.
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